CA Technologies Hosts EMEA Partner Summit ‘(r)evolution 2011’

Vandaag is de CA Technologies EMEA Partner Summit ‘(r)evolution 2011’ van start gegaan. Hier wordt onder andere de CA Cloud Choice Simulator geïntroduceerd. Partners worden in dit programma getraind in de te nemen stappen bij de overgang van een private cloud naar een hybride en public cloud-omgeving. Met die kennis kunnen ze betere oplossingen samenstellen en klanten effectiever adviseren. Meer over dit programma en de summit in het algemeen, leest u in onderstaand Engelstalig persbericht.

Launch of CA Cloud Choice Simulator to help partners accelerate business opportunities across cloud-related solutions.
Core News Facts
  1. CA Technologies hosts EMEA partner summit, ‘(r)evolution 2011’, on 5-7 October 2011 in Barcelona.
  2. ‘(r)evolution 2011’ is a forum to exchange ideas and to share new initiatives and insights with partners looking to grow their business across IT management, security and cloud computing solutions.
  3. CA Cloud Choice Simulator interactive workshop launches to help partners increase revenues from cloud solutions.
  4. Follow the event via Twitter @CA_EMEA_Channel, hashtag #carevo
Barcelona, Spain, 6 October 2011 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) is hosting its EMEA partner summit “(r)evolution 2011” on 5-7 October 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The summit has been developed as a forum for sharing information, exchanging ideas and strengthening relationships with partners across EMEA. It is also a unique opportunity for CA Technologies to share new initiatives and insights with partners looking to grow their business across IT management, security and cloud computing solutions.


A highlight of the summit will be the innovative Cloud Choice Simulator. This new interactive workshop has been specifically designed to help partners accelerate business opportunities across cloud-related solutions. Participants will leave with a new perspective on how to sell and position public, private and hybrid cloud solutions based on customers’ evolving business needs.


“Partners are key for CA Technologies business in EMEA, and we are excited to bring them together at ‘(r)evolution 2011‘, our dedicated partner summit in the region,” says David Griffiths, VP Partner Management Group EMEA, CA Technologies. “‘(r)evolution 2011‘ will provide our EMEA partners with a rich stream of opportunities to learn how CA Technologies new lifecycle approach can drive joint business opportunities through the development of shared value propositions. The new Cloud Choice Simulation programme together with a suite of dedicated initiatives will also help position both CA Technologies and its partners as thought leaders and providers of choice across public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, drive agility, and extend shared growth in this dynamic environment.”


The ‘(r)evolution 2011‘ Partner Summit will bring together senior executives from CA Technologies EMEA partner organisations-including consultancy companies, system integrators, managed service providers, and solution providers. The event will offer an environment to reinforce relationships, and give partners the opportunity to understand more about the Company’s flexible portfolio of go-to-market partnering models, and exchange ideas on how to address the changing needs of today’s technology and business user.

Delegates will also hear about the CA Technologies strategy and commitment to partners from CA Technologies executives, including Bill McCracken, Chief Executive Officer, George Fischer, Executive Vice President and Group Executive of Worldwide Sales and Operations, and David Bradley, Senior Vice President, Global Channel Sales.


New CA Cloud Choice Simulator
The CA Cloud Choice Simulator programme will be unveiled at the summit. The interactive workshop will walk partners through the critical decisions customers make to implement internal private clouds and then expand the experience to hybrid and public cloud models, including the plan, design, deliver, secure and assure phases. Using a live, classroom-based simulated scenario, CA Cloud Choice Simulator will demonstrate the value of CA Technologies best-practice cloud processes and tools within the context of a business and technology model, enable partners to experience the challenges their customers face on a daily basis, and discover for themselves the solutions to those challenges. The ultimate goal is for partners to subsequently share the CA Cloud Choice Simulator programme with their customers.


The CA Cloud Choice Simulator features four rounds of interactive stock market exchange trading, the goal being to maximise the revenue for each individual exchange and react to market changes during 24 hours of trading activity. Participants begin in a comparatively chaotic market situation, characterised by a relatively slow response to business requirements and a high cost of services provision. As the rounds progress, participants identify opportunities to compose and deploy private clouds, public clouds, and ultimately arrive at an agile virtual data centre environment

Follow the event via Twitter @CA_EMEA_Channel, hashtag #carevo 
Over CA Technologies   
CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is een leverancier van software en oplossingen voor IT-management met expertise binnen alle IT-omgevingen, van mainframe en gedistribueerd tot virtueel en cloud. CA Technologies beheert en beveiligt IT-omgevingen en stelt klanten in staat flexibelere IT-diensten te leveren. De innovatieve producten en diensten van CA Technologies verschaffen IT-organisaties het inzicht en de controlemiddelen die essentieel zijn om bedrijven flexibel te laten opereren. De meeste ondernemingen in de Global Fortune 500 vertrouwen op CA Technologies voor het beheer van hun evoluerende IT-ecosystemen. Meer informatie over CA Technologies vindt u op


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