Nieuw licentiemodel per terabyte voor CA Technologies ARCserve

Utrecht, 7 december 2011CA Technologies introduceert versie 2.0 van zijn Managed Service Provider (MSP) licensing program voor CA ARCserve. Naast het bestaande per server-model betalingsmodel, biedt het licentieprogramma nu een abonnement per terabyte. MSP’s kunnen hierdoor het licentiemodel beter afstemmen op de actuele wensen van hun klanten. Bedrijven betalen alleen wat ze ook daadwerkelijk gebruiken, iets wat per maand kan verschillen. Dankzij het ontbreken van minimum-afnames of abonnementperiodes, worden MSP’s met het MSP 2.0 licentiemodel beter beschermd tegen risico’s als gevolg van pieken in de markt.

 CA Technologies introduceert naast het nieuwe licentiemodel tevens integraties met management-tools van Nimsoft en Kaseya. Hierdoor zijn alerts en meldingen van ARCserve-tools door te sturen naar een management-console van een MSP. Zo zijn beheeractiviteiten beter op elkaar afgestemd en meer gestroomlijnd.

 Meer informatie over het nieuwe licentiemodel staat in het onderstaand originele Engelstalige bericht.

CA Technologies ARCserve MSP 2.0 Licensing Program
Empowers Service Providers to Thrive in Growing Data Protection Market

New Subscription-Based Per-Terabyte Structure Complements Per-Server Pricing to Drive New Opportunities and Optimize Margins

Integration with Nimsoft and Kaseya Further Facilitates Ability of MSPs
to Efficiently Manage Customer IT Environments

ISLANDIA, NY, December 7, 2011– CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today introduced version 2.0 of its Managed Service Provider (MSP) licensing program for CA ARCserve®, which adds subscription-based per-terabyte pricing options to its existing per-server model.


By licensing CA ARCserve on a subscription basis per terabyte of data protected, MSPs can offer customers pay-as-you-go data protection solutions that don’t require upfront surcharges and that keep costs tightly aligned with the customer’s actual month-to-month needs.


At the same time, the CA ARCserve MSP 2.0 licensing program gives MSPs the flexibility to opt for per-server licensing in situations where it is more cost-efficient.


Because it requires neither minimum orders nor minimum subscription periods, the MSP 2.0 licensing program also protects MSPs from the downside risks associated with spikes in the market.


“MSPs win by performing tasks more effectively and cost-efficiently than customers can do themselves,” said Mike Crest, general manager, Data Management at CA Technologies. “CA ARCserve solutions enable MSPs to provide precise and reliable data protection-and our new MSP 2.0 licensing program helps them do it more cost effectively.”


The MSP 2.0 program features three other licensing enhancements specifically designed to help MSPs optimize margins on a wide range of attractive data protection services:
  • Desktop/laptop backup licensing for desktop and laptop protection services;
  • A bundled license for combining disk-to-disk server protection with off-site replication in the MSP’s data center; and
  • Per-host licensing for disk-to-disk protection of Windows Server Advanced Virtual Edition.
CA ARCserve r16, introduced in September, provides all of the functionality MSPs require to efficiently backup and restore their customers’ business-critical data-including support for public and private cloud services such as Amazon Web Services®, Microsoft Windows Azure™ and Eucalyptus.


Integration with Nimsoft and Kaseya
In conjunction with the introduction of the MSP 2.0 licensing program for CA ARCserve, CA Technologies announced integrations with management tools from two vendors who are widely used by MSPs: Nimsoft and Kaseya.


The new integrations streamline management operations for MSPs by forwarding alerts and events from ARCserve tools to an MSP’s main management console. These events and alerts include the completion or failure of backups, low disk space on a destination drive, excessive utilization of resources such as CPU and network bandwidth by backup or recovery processes, and the inability to access a targeted virtual machine or hypervisor instance.


CA ARCserve already works with a variety of other third-party Remote Management and Monitoring tools from vendors that include N-able Technologies, LabTech Software and Level Platforms.


“To create an attractively priced mix of services that best fit market demand, MSPs need to be able to build individual portfolios of well-integrated management tools,” said Crest. “By making CA ARCserve an open platform, CA Technologies is empowering MSPs to incorporate best-in-class data protection into their well-integrated, highly individualized toolkits.”


Partner quotes:
“Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a significant change in our business from product and solution selling to service-based contracts, such as our Managed Services for Backup offering where we provide customers a complete outsourced service for protecting and recovering their data,” said David Anderson, director Basic Business Systems Ltd, one of the leading IT solutions providers in the UK Midlands. “The dedicated CA ARCserve MSP Licensing Program did exactly what we needed and enabled us to win business by enabling us to competitively price and simplify the entire process of backup software deployment. Version 2.0 of this programwith the unique option of pricing either per-server or per-TBwill give us even greater profitability and the ability to more closely match ever-changing customer needs.”


“In crafting its new MSP 2.0 licensing program, CA Technologies has again demonstrated a keen understanding of the MSP business model and a clear willingness to work with us in pursuing the huge market opportunity for cloud services,” said Viktor Tadijanovic, technology director and founding member of the Abacus Group LLC, a New York-based firm that helps alternative investment managers deploy and manage hosted IT solutions.  “The pricing model is especially attractive to us, as it better enables us to offer our clients the cost-elasticity that is central to the cloud value proposition.”


“By eliminating the need to buy licenses up front, removing minimum term or capacity requirements, and consolidating the most popular SKUs, the CA ARCserve MSP licensing program enables us to pay only for what we use and with minimal risk or complexity-which is especially important given how much our customers’ virtualized IT environments can change and how intensely competitive the service provider market has become,” said Pascal Luyckx, datacenter manager at Cheops technology nv, a Belgium-based provider of systems integration and managed services. “With this new program, we can more aggressively price and market high-value managed services that leverage proven best-in-class data protection solutions from CA Technologies.”


“The updated CA ARCserve MSP licensing program advances the significant technical innovation and flexible hybrid data protection in CA ARCserve r16 by enabling service-oriented companies to safeguard their data centers and provide data protection services with minimum risk,” said David Simpson, commercial director for Softcat, a leading UK provider of software licensing, hardware, security and related IT services. “Being able to choose per-instance or data capacity licensing as needed, MSPs can leverage the most cost-efficient pricing model to accelerate profits and align with customer objectives.”
Over CA Technologies   
CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is een leverancier van software en oplossingen voor IT-management met expertise binnen alle IT-omgevingen, van mainframe en gedistribueerd tot virtueel en cloud. CA Technologies beheert en beveiligt IT-omgevingen en stelt klanten in staat flexibelere IT-diensten te leveren. De innovatieve producten en diensten van CA Technologies verschaffen IT-organisaties het inzicht en de controlemiddelen die essentieel zijn om bedrijven flexibel te laten opereren. De meeste ondernemingen in de Global Fortune 500 vertrouwen op CA Technologies voor het beheer van hun evoluerende IT-ecosystemen. Meer informatie over CA Technologies vindt u op


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